Ben Colburn


Nickname – Mini ColburnBen Website

Race Number – 5

Age – 20

First ever race (Age/Type of car or kart/ Circuit) – 14, Citroën Saxo, Rockingham

First Car Race – 5th April 2014, Rockingham

Best Race Result – 1st  x 8

What is your favourite thing about racing? – Winning & Close racing

Favourite Track – Goodwood

Scariest moment in racing to date – Spinning at Jim Clark Esses at croft after hitting standing water, nearly hitting a stationery competitor.

What race car would you eventually like to drive – BTCC/British GT

Racing Ambition for 2018 – Champion of Michelin Clio Cup

Favourite Road Car – Aston Martin DB5

Career Ambition – To be just in front of my brother

Favourite Driver and why – Lewis Hamilton, Extremely quick driver especially over one lap and has outstanding ability

Best Teacher and why – Ed Pead as he is enthusiastic and pushes you to the limit

Worst Teacher and why – English teachers, they are boring

Other Sports – Football, Cricket, Rounders

Food I love – Chinese

Food I hate – Baked Beans

Favourite Music Artist – Drake/Ed Sheeran

What would you like to say to Mum & Dad – Thank you for supporting me and helping me achieve my dream

Sponsors to mention – Westbourne Motoring Assistance




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